This building was built in 1910 as a gas station. In later times it was used as a radio and television repair shop, but was abandoned when it was acquired by Felicity Street Redevelopment, Inc., which sold it to me in 2002. I renovated the building into my personal residence with studio space on the first floor.

15 foot tall, built-in bookshelves made of natural finished maple, and featuring a rolling library ladder, contain an ever increasing collection of architecture books.

The stair to the second floor has a custom designed railing that features flat plate steel posts that were cut with a computer guided, high pressure water jet, tensioned stainless steel cables, and a nickel rail cap with end volutes. The steel posts are tapered to give additional strength at the base. The top and bottom posts are turned parallel to the stair so that they are better able to resist the tension forces of the cables, and the intermediate are turned perpendicular to the stair to better resist lateral forces imposed on the handrail.